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[OMG MY EYES......MY EYES ARE BURNING RIGHT NOW.....oh why am I typing this XD...well anyways I guess...Hello, InkCat fans of the world and any other planet you may have come from, I'm going to tell you a bit about the one and only me! inkCat! First off, my character has white fur and blue eyes, this has nothing to do with me at all I just was lazy one day and made a white cat, then I got bored and created Inks precious eyes we all know. However, I do not and will not have white hair, my hair will always stay blonde, and if it doesn't...well I have my ways...And I have greenish brownish eyes. They used to be blue but now they are my weird colored eyes. I have a Italian looking face I guess....I am Italian whatsoever. I am also German and stuff. I'm a smosh lover, especially Anthony Padilla! I'm 13 years old with two kitties and one dog, my parents are divorced.....sadly....and I live in my two houses in Illinois. :) DO NOT STALK ME. My name is Amanda or Mandy but I usually go by Mandy. I'm not telling you my last name...One of my favorite games is Animal Crossing, I also loooooooveeee Left For Dead :) its a zombie killing game...rawr! Well that's all you guys need to know about me. WOOOOO! SMOSH TIME!!! ANTHONY!!! ;) -inkcat]

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Amanda Lee Lanciloti






Febuary, 5th 1999

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Fischer Middle School IPSD Aurora, Illinois

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Northlake, Illinois


Drawing, Writing

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Learning Spanish at school. Its HARD!!!


Food liked Italian Food
TV Shows liked Aqua Teen Hunger Force / Regular Show