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Hello! I'm just going to say a few things and stuff.

Name: Robert


Hobbies: Draw, be on flipnote hatena animating.

I also got the 3DS! It's so cool, but dosent have flipnote hhatena, thats the sad part.

My budehs:

Supersmash: She's a really nice girl who makes me laugh and makes me feel right at home on flipnote hatena. She makes really good Mvs, and other animations really good. She gives me motivation to continue to stay on flipnote hatena. and not only does she draw good, but she likes DBZ like me! You rock Supersmash.

Videl 0E70: She makes mvs and other animations good like Supersmash. She can draw Videl, and Gohan really good. She makes me laugh with her jokes and smiley faces in her flips and comments.

What I do: I'm on the Highschool wrestleing team, but only in 8th grade. Ilike to draw, and hang out with my biddies in my town, and on Flipnote Hatena.

What i want to do: I really want to be #1 on hatena, and get a bunch of fav's and stars. But that's never going to happen. Bye!