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Hey, it's Venus!

I may not be popular but im still grateful for the little friends and fans I have(:

Interesting things about me on hatena:

I lead Hollowclan as Smokestar.

My deputy is Witherpool(Millenstar.)

Med cat(s)- Poppyheart(myself) and glitch(Paranoid.) and my apprentice is Honeypaw(gleekish)

Hollowclan isn't very popular but in hoping we get there~

Real interesting things about me:

I have a twin~

I'm 13.

I love the color red.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE cheetahs<3

I chose the username Venus9 because Venus is the roman name of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, and 9 because it's my favorite number.

I am a swimmer in 8th grade, and hopefully I'll go onto highschool beingthe best I can be.

I have a best friend that'd I'd literally die for.

She means a lot to me. We've only had one fight through our whole friendship, which is about 2-3 years.


Wuvzzz my fans and friends ^ ^ n/h