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My name is Collin, I'm 11, and I like drawing. I'm very musical and I play guitar (my favorite), cello, drums (very limited), and piano (also limited). I'm also a really big smart aleck and hope to show my creepy sense of humor in my flips and artwork more.

If you want to see more of my artwork, you can see me on deviantART:

I also have a tumblr to document fascinating events in my life, such as clearing paper jams:

You can listen to my music on SoundCloud too:

And also, I've decided to stop giving out friend codes except to people I want to have it. One more thing, you can't have my email, Skype, phone number, last name, or any other personal info.

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October 30


Drawing, animating, playing guitar


English, I took French for two years and quit this year, but will probably rejoin next year.


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