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All this trash on the Invader ZIM channel is driving me nuts...


Bonkers Russian male teen with Aspergers Syndrome. Haha, anyway...I'm a 13-year-old who LOVES to draw, play video games, play instruments, write stories and poetry, and eat. Because we just all love food, don't we? I have 8 characters whom I all love dearly and talk to in my kooky little noggin, and they are just ABSOLUTELY fun to draw and make stories about. I'm obsessed with robots and aliens and all sorts of creepy thingies, AND ANIMALS. ANIMALS ARE THE BESTEST. I loves me techno 'n shanty 'n lounge music, but I hates them rap and most hip hoppity musics. I'm a Fundamental Baptist, and I'm striving to act more pure in order to lead others to God. GO TEAM JESUS! Hm...what else to bore you with--OH YES. I LIVE IN JAPAN.

Here's a list of my characters and short descriptions of each of them:

Vulpes - An android fox who was abandoned and constantly malfunctions, causing him to go into a violent or insane state.

Lupas - A wolf who took in Vulpes after he was abandoned, she has a strong sense of justice and tries to take charge when the going gets rough.

Felis - An intelligent, bespectacled cat who is a good companion of Vulpes. He is a walking fountain of knowledge, and is very calm for most of the time.

Canis - A constantly cheerful dog who only thinks about the positive things in life. He unintentionally annoys other people with his constant talking, but he is extremely loyal to those he deems to be friends.

Norm - A book-loving goblin mime that possesses a wide array of magical skills, Norm can split into a larger version of himself that takes after his obnoxious tough attitude which he never displays, and thus, manifested into a bulky, older brother-like form.

Ahotnik - A hoodied, lazy teen, Ahotnik was plagued with the Green Flu, an incurable disease that causes him to display a vicious, feral attitude, similar to the symptoms of rabies. He spends his time watching TV or lying around rather than doing things that actually matter.

Lem - A former Irken invader, Lem crash-landed on earth and was abandoned by his platoon to die on earth. His extremely sensitive antennae can pick up radio waves, but doing so causes him to go into a stupor or a state of insanity. He wears headphones that can transmit the waves into audible ones without harming him.

Wowch, m'kay...epicly strange characters are strange. You can get more in-depth details of my characters in the descriptions of some of my flipnotes.



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Yeesh, so there you have it, stoof about me. I NO ASHAMED OF MY WACKINESS! I plan on updating this constantly with other bits and bobs of otherwise useless information! You guys feel free to contact me for whatever reason!


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Yuri Krasnijev






January 23

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Type A


Nothing lol


Maranatha Baptist Academy

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Okinawa, Japan

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Moscow, Russia


Drawing, playing video games, using the computer, writing, singing, dancing


Russian, English, German, Swedish, French, Japanese

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