Armidale is a small rural town in Australia which is located halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. It takes about one hour on a plane from Syendy and eight hours on a train. As it is above 1,000 metres above sea level, it is usually cooler in summer and colder in winter. We have pretty distinct four seasons, just like Japan, and can enjoy beautiful coloured leaves in autumn. The town is surrounded by several national parks, and many people visit there for picnics and bushwalking all through the year. The population of the town is 25,000. The University of New England is the largest employer in this town. UNE's international students (and many academic staff members) are from all over the world (53 countries), which makes this small town very international. The local people are very friendly and kind. There are many cafes and restaurants which serve beautiful Australian and international foods (e.g. Chines, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Italian, French). Traditionally, farmers produce fine wool and high quality beef including "Wagyu" beef. There are some nice wineries around the town as well. About 30-40 Japanese citizens live in Armidale.