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Name: Ashton

Age: 12

DOB : 11 - 02 - 98

Fav Video Game : Lux PaIn

Fav Color : Blue

Fav Animal : Chinchilla

Fav Game/TV Character : <3 Silver the Hedgehog <3 3

Offical RolePlayer~

Characters (Girls) :

Ice TH

Hinadi TV

Alice TV

Fistery TE

Arachne THC

Anna TV

Characters (Boys) :

Kenshoon TVH

Zone TH

Rio TF

Kia TH

Ace TD

Disturbia TD


Youtube: Ashtay1231 or RandomGoRound

facebook: Ashton I

DeviantART: IceTheHedgehog12 but i moved to EpIc1278

MapleStory: TetoIvey10

Vocaloid Forum : Proweroid125

Sonamy Revolution: HamergirlAmyRose