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Hey...This is for me to inform you about me, the user. So, I'm nice I guess and you'll rarely see me be mean. Even to someone I dislike. I "try" to make new friends but can't unless they talk to me first. (I'm shy) Um, I'm not like most girls (most of which I dislike). You'll see me around the nerdy kids talking about nerdy stuff. That's just how I move down an inclined plane in a circular motion. :P If you play WoW or sc2, guess what? So do I. For the Horde. (Yeah, I LOVE video games) I spend a lot of time on Hatena during the weekends. I'll probably be in a chat room looking for people to talk to. When I'm not on Hatena, I'll be playing the violin, cello, or the piano because I am of the musically inclined. (Not to brag or anything lol) So yeah, that's me.