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Come see my flips because they're awsome

Jesus Saves

Update Nov/19/2010

I can't belive I got a flipnote to go over 14,000 stars! You guys are AWSOME!!

My goal: To become famous and a good flipnot creater. I would like to make new flipnotes and spin-off flips.

About WolFire: Im 11 years old and live in Canada. I used to live in the U.S. but my mom thought the economy was to bad, which it was. I'm a member on Club Penguin. I have two cats: Tom and Sage, both male. And I have two dogs: Kia and Willow, Kia is a male and Willow is a female. Something recently happend to me that took my moral far down. My dog Holly got cancer in september and was put down early in november 2010.

Favorite websites:

1: Roblox

2: www.Mochigames.com/game/caesary

3: FlipnoteHatena

4: Youtube

5: Clubpenguin

3 Fave creaters:

1: Anthony: Great job, Anthony! I love SMB and Locked! Those have gotten you into my fave creator!

2: Kirbystar: Nice job! I love those flips with the bombs! Pancake Mines and Grenade are both awsome flips! Those two have gotten you into my 2nd fave creator.

3: X-Masgiz: Your flips are low on art, but still funny! All of those stick figure flips have gotten you into my 3rd fave creator!

Note: I do block people who insult me, or say I starbeg.

Update: My Grandpa (William Marshal Icard Sr.) died, and it brings my moral down. It also affects how many stars I add to sad flipnotes.

Also, I will start posting a lot of mario fails.

Last Update: Feb/12/2011

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By the way, my other account, which oddly has the same ID and name, is WolFire (duh!). Look at that account as well. I have posted some flips already, so swing by and check them out. My alt account is now in use. I will be changing it's name possibly. The list is:

More will be added or taken off later.