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I LOVE WOLFIES!!! I am Wolf Chick!!! I like Waffles... I am a girl and my name is Izzy.

Making flipnotes is my favourite thing to do on my DSiXL Super Mario Bros 25th Anniversary Edition. I love Video games, and I LOVE Mario Bros And the legend of zelda. I also LOVE to draw. My flipnotes are not very good but HEY atleast i try! Most of my flipnotes are songs and i also leave messages here and there... i have 5 characters i use often in lots of flipnotes...they are Nook, Chinzu, Kaoa, Teddy, and Frost. TEDDY IS ME!!! I AM TEDDY!!!!

Oh and you should know that I am a spoiled little brat! :P DON'T JUDGE ME OR MY WOLFIES!

woa...i am so wierd...i apolagize for my wierdness....