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ATTENTION! I have been inactive due to a bunch of projects and the ne wthing of the channels where they dont put the ones you visit alot.... i should be more active after school ends for me. That is all

I don't have ADD its just... OH LOOK A BUNNY! lol JK! XD though some times i do get distracted but anyays... I am leader of Death, Fog, and Flame clan IF you want to join I posted the forms for Death and Flame clan but you will have to go to Spirit For the fourms for Fog clan he was the old leader Darkstar so ya... These are my chars and what they are in.

Magyek: TWOTD

Death(dragon): Soul

Deathstar: deathclan Mate: Shadestar

Flamestar: flameclan

Fogstar: fogclan

Venom: loner


Demon: A sweet Demon

Death(wolf): A sweet Demon

Dark Scar: TWOTD

Triplets: Magyek, Darkscar, and Death

Sisters: Starsoul, Tornadopaw, Deathstar, Flamestar, Fogstar, Firebird,Taintedsoul


FireBird: Breezeclan/loner

Falefe: The Triangle

Dyath: Hero Academy

DarkBone: TWOTD (Black's Elite)

Taintedsoul: Signclan

Skkral- IDK yet

Silth: IDK yet but it gonna be something awesome! >:D

And i think thats it!~WolfSoul