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Hey yall!

I’m YM@6 fan#1 or my Hatena ID, Writing4theWorld, whichever you choose to call me. I’m a published author (novelist/poet/screen writer), artist, actress (just a hobby), and well, a normal person. Hahaha! I love the color blue and music (Music + Writing + Fashion = my life). I LOVE X-Men. I’m not much of an animator, but I hope to post some good flipnotes here. I love to laugh a lot and hang with my friends. And a heads up: I don’t use chat lingo. You all probably think I’m from another world, but chat lingo is going to destroy my writing (do you know how hard it is to correct ‘u’s to ‘you’s when you write 50,000+ words?).

I must add, I LOVE YouMeAtSix(ah hem, check out the name!). They are absolutely awesome. Josh and Dan are the bestest. I LOVE YOU DAN! L.O.L XD

I'm in the most epic High School English class EVER! My L.A. obsessed bgf Frank is,like,awesome.

I tried to sum a short bio of me without giving any personal information. I am quite meticulous with that.

Ask questions if you’d like to know more.

YM@6 fan#1/Writing4theWorld ;D