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Hi This is my about me section! (NO DUH) WHO SAID THAT?!?! well anyways I love penguins they are my favorite animals! My favorite color is green! I also have a blog at

http://Wyattkins.wordpress.com/ please go there it is very popular It has more than 124,000 views! (O RLY?) Yes really! AND WHO KEEPS SAYING THAT!?!?!?!?!?!

I also figured something out on a mac computer! hold alt down and type! here is an ex. ˙ˆ µå∫∫\ \ø¨ ç嘠®´å∂ †˙ˆß å˜∂ µå∫∫\ \ø¨ çå˜æ† ⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄