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Hey, start unadding, dear friends. I'm not gonna be back for a long, long time. I'd like you to unadd me because I feel I've been really... du mb as of late and I think maybe it's best to have no one expecting things from me. Not only that, but I have also developed a few new interests that have affected my style, character, and ability to draw on the DSi.

I'm focused on finding a way to make my art half digital-half traditional for a still art community despite my complications. And I'm trying to work out my PC animation programs because all of my equipment and software is terribly outdated.

Now, if you really want to know what's been grabbing my interest while I've been out, I fell in love with HomeStuck. I'm not a ra bid fan or anything, I just love the whole idea and the story and in my opinion, Dirk is absolutely amazing.

So that is what's up... Actually, what's up is that I'm grounded for who knows how long and I'm only online now because I am vacationing in a different state with the rest of my family and they don't want me to be grounded all summer so they've given me freedom. Yep.

So that's my update, dear friends of mine! I enjoyed our time together and I hope one day we can meet again when I have a little more self-control, a little less ha tred, and a LOT more talent. I've already improved more than you'd expect in a short 4 week time frame! Anyways...

Hasta La Pasta! *salutes then falls backwards off a skyscraper*