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Hey, I'm Edit. dB

I like to make.. eh. Eevee flipnotes, you could call them? Yeah, that. And I also draw other stuffs, but mainly Eevees.

So far, these are my OC's;







Yeah, that's not a lot, but I just started. Give me some time! xP

Well, I'm not on everyday, but at least 5 times a week, I am. So, maybe you'll end up chatting with me one time. *Fluttershy-yay*

Oh yeah, did I mention I'm a brony?

Nope, I didn't. But I am. And if you don't like me for that, that's fine. :3 I need a few haters, ya know?


Starting off~

•100,000 stars

•500 fans

Later on~

1,000,000 stars (Never say never. >:C)

5,000 fans ('')

I chat at;

http://www.xat.com/shinynessofteheevee (ShinyEevee's chat. But, it's been empty lately.. -.-)


•Any chats on hatena. :D

And that's it.

The end.