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bun dada daa!

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hiya,im XrandomnessX and i love to random!But not TOO random,then no one would even understand a thing im talking about lol.A few months (b4 vac.) i made a maplestory and if u want u can add me on there. My main one is madoka11 ^^.I like to run,play,and draw also.I like to draw people but i draw animals too just a little but im working on it xD. If u like drawing too this is my message to u: DONT EVER GIVE UP no matter what,even if u dont like ur art work dont stop trying.Try to do your best in everything u do and im sure ur going to be the best artist out there \(^o^)/ dont let mean things that people say let u down.(trust me in 2nd grade iv been threw that)-.-lll.Well thats the end of my message =D.I like anime,manga,books, and phone novels. If u had made sny phone novels lately please send me the name of them ill be more then happy to read them.(Even blog stories,computer stories from quiz sites and ect.) Last three facts about me is that i like to be outgoing and i like the word awesomeness. If ur writeing a story mabey i can give u some ideas only if u want messgae me and i can help ^^. =P The end

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not telling <.<




(to tell u the truth 11 ) didnt want to go threw the whole fax thing


jan. 25 2001

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i really dont know

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allintown (i think thats how u spell it)


i like to draw,act,and run

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danceing,drawing,singing,and writeing stories(im starting one now but im look for somewere to post it not done yet)


english and a little bit of spanish (more then hola and como tu stas)

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