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Short,brunette,with hazel eyes.

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Short,brunette,with hazel eyes.

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My hobbies: I write poetry and short storys. I draw and sing. I am a part time photographer and I listen to music.

My music:anything really except rap,gospal,some opra,some christian music. Besides that,I listen to anything.

Alil about me in general: Im 21,Im not single,brown hair,hazel eyes,short,well built,college student.

My Intro: Hey,thanks for stopping by. My name is Lady Ellesmere (hatena name)

You can call me Elle,I have been on hatena for almost a year now. I had a 5 month absence however:/ due to family issues. I am a well rounded person who speaks her mind. I don't back down nor do I disrespect someone. I love to help people and am a generally caring person. I will defend ANYONE from bully's and I will help if your sad. I give advice,a lot and I know what I'm talking about. If I don't,I will give you the best answer I can.

Don't judge me,unless your god himself.

Don't call me evil,unless your pure and not sinful yourself.

Do not bully me because I do bite back.

Do not hurt my friends or fans or favs,because I will find you and make your life a living hell.

I am easy going,just don't make me mad.

Also, do not lie to me nor treat my kindness with hatred.

Member of the RH if you do not know what that is,Google restoring hatena. Go to the 1st link u find.

My email:

Skype: LadyEllesmere

Chantango: LadyEllesmere

YouTube: LadyEllesmere

Deviant Art: LadyEllesmere

Facebook: LadyEllesmere Animators

If you need to contact me.



(")_(") <-Cute bunny<3

I play animal crossing and mario cart,let me know if you wanna play sometime.

Also, for those who play the Pokemon games, I breed eevees and have a wide supplie of pokemon to trade. Just let me know what u want and what time you wanta meet up.

I also play minecraft!!

(and please give me your friend code)

Will be posting again real soon. Love yall:)






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