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Okay so heres an update...:

Yeah i want to restart my account, but idk how to.

i want to take my eveee account off my Dsi,and create a new one WITHOUT deleting the Eveee account.

I only have one Dsi, not getting a new one, and taking off the flipnote app will just delete my Eveee account out of existance (which i DO NOT want).

So if i delink my evee account, will it still exist and can i create a new account on the same dsi?

Im asking here cause the Hatena Staff decided to ignore me, until then i will not be working on any more flips until a new account can be created.

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Working On Next: MV, Im back flip


Friend List! (evry1 was doing 1, so i will! XD These are kinda the closer ones soo.... bleh :7)

Aldkid222r: One of my riolu buddies!!! :D

Troy: One of my best girl buddehs!!!!PFFFT UR LIEK, MAH BEST FWEND ewe

Showers: Your like the lil sister i always wanted and harass XD

ShinyRin: My (hatena) sis! X3 i luv juu so much, ima eatchu 1 day :D... is that creepy?

^MASABEAR^: Ahh... i lost you when you got famous ;-;

PEACELUVR Whered u go man? D: i can hardly remember u... ;~;

Pikachu: I havent talked to you ina whilee.... >3<

I kinda emptied my list cause everyone's gone and i havent talked to many, MANY people in many, MANY, months D:

If me making a new account IS successful, you can find me by tracking down the winners of my Final Contest, and seeing who added the most stars/ their prizes :3

I hope ill see you againnn!!!~