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Hey! I'm Evie. I'm not a Girly girl. I'm a Tomboy. I'm 16 years old. I live in Texas. I love sports! Basketball, Football, ect... I love scary, & action movies. I'm a very nice, kind, caring person. I always care. I never don't care. I don't like 2 see my friends sad or anything else like sad. I always try 2 help, make u happy, & other stuff. A lot of my friends & ppl I've meet say that I'm the nices person they ever met. I've changed in the past eight years living with my dad. When I lived with my mom, I was the "bad" girl in school. Heh... Most of my friends don't believe me cuz I'm super, super nice. I was the badest girl in school. Even thoe I hardly went.... But anyway....... I've had a bad life. Cuz of my mom.... She's making my life sad & depressed.... D': But anyway.... Life is hard but u can make it with ur friends. There alway there 4 u & stuff like that... I like vidieo games. This is the most I can think of right now... & i have a Wii & PS3. they both have internet on them. if u want give me ur code thing 4 the Wii & we can be friends on there 2.Plz add me!


sorry havent been on guyz!