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Im Miss DerpySaur, and im here to eat your brainz! *pokeball`d*

Nah, My real name would be Anna, i am a FEMALE (SO STOP CALLING ME A HIM >:U)

I am 17 years old, some people think thats to old for me to be on Hatena,but i am less mature than you think :3

I love All video Games

Homestuck <3

i am a SMALL MLP fan .w.

I love Pokemon the most though

Bulbasaur Ftw <3

here is a -very- small list of my friends

in alphabetic order Hehe..

Blind: Someone i can tell my troubles to

courtby: you dont come on much anymore, :C

Furball: Well, you are my sister in real... even if your annoying sometimes, i`l still love ya :3

H.elite: a very awesome Homestuck Roleplayer!

Holly: Another fantastic Roleplayer, also your plots are awesome!

Jes: You are one of my great friends!

Twiggy: My very best Homesis, H3H3H3

i was the first homestucker of Hatena europe

dont belive me?

proof here - http://en.flipnote.hatena.com/9DCB0E901E3A0C8E@DSi/movie/3A0C8E_0AACD6B19EAF6_003?in=user (yes thats Aletta, but i hated the way i drew like that >:U )