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Hello,Hatenians ♥

I'm Yu Xuan,usually called Yu as a nickname,but call me whatever you want X'D

I turned 12 not long ago and I am currently in 6th grade(starting high school in September,woot).I live in Canada,but I was born in China so yeah...T u T

I've known Hatena since last year,but I just got an account.Anyone remember An escaping star?

I have some goals I want to achieve on Hatena:

~Get 3 000+ fans

~Get 10 000+ stars

~Get colored stars "OTL

~Be ranked in the top 50 or so.

Yeah,I won't tell a lot about myself,but I'll probably make a Q+A flip.

My tumblr: http://tearsonmypainting.tumblr.com/

My dA: http://nostalogic-lacey.deviantart.com/

Facebook: Nope,not telling,stalkers ♥

Oh,and one last thing: i love you all,friends,fans,haters and reporters ♥

~Yu Xuan