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PLEASE READ ME! (well, you dont hafta but it would be nice if you did....thank you)

Hi :) I'm just your average creator making flipnotes and posting them for the world to see. Hope you enjoy my work ^^


Updated as of: April 7th, 2012

  • Currently working on: So many things at once...
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I'm am seriously mesmerized by my new 3DS. Its so cool ^^ If only it had Hatena,

then it would be complete :D I wish I had more time for Hatena...right now I'm

working on the manga version of my friends story in school (nearly 10 pages

long, front and back...) so I'll be busy...(as usual)

EpicWiz6X (awesome wii friend c: derp ninja's out to get chu)

Masaki (or Xander) (Best friend in school ^^)

Oni Nerd (or Watio) (my supportive assistant who is awesome)

Music♥Wolf (met in a chat, we were (emphasis on "were") a trio of

friends w/ luke)

  • BONUS SHTUFF!: I wanna take a nap... e.o

~The one and only (i think) Sai :3