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I live in Chicago Illinois. I am 11 years old and I draw really good on paper. Of course my name is Yuri. My birthday is June 30, 2000. I go on Flipnote whenever I have the time. I can get a 600 page flipnote done in about an hour and thirty minutes (with hard work and dedication...takes awhile technically). My dream is to become a very well known flipnote user. Which means I want to become famous on HATENA!! Yeah. And for my friends in real life who found this and know who it is, this stuff does NOT go out the hatena boundary (a.k.a, dont talk about this to ANYONE in school, or anything else... ya know what I mean.)

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Hello, its Yuri10. I'm sorry I haven't been on flipnote in a LONG time. My DSi charger broke and I haven't been able to get a new one since. I will try to. Very hard if you guys root for me.