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I need to find my DSi so I can change my name...

Gender: Male

Hair: Dirty blonde

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'4

My guns(I own 'em in RL)(in order from favorite to least favorite): Dragunov(I LOVE this one!), M4, AK-47, (The next 4 are kinda tied) M-1 Garand, Mozer(The one I have was used in WW2!), Mozen, a .308(I forget the brand...), a .22 GSG, a 410, a 12 gauge, and about 15 others that I don't really care about.

X-Box Live Gamertag(If you want to add me as a friend, attach a message saying this is so-so from Hatena and I'll accept it): ZTeam9000

Other stuff about me: I solve Rubik's Cubes in less than 2 minutes(I'm gonna try to post a flip about how to solve them).

I am a great sharpshooter.(Yeah, those 2 things are about all I'm good at)

I love Lily!!

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