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Hiya My name is Sam, I'm a chic haha ;D. Anyways, I love to make friends so yeah. I guess that doesn't mean I should stop going on chats althogther ;) I have decided to turn a new leaf and not post depressing stuff cause I feel depressed, but to post depressing stuff cause I'm in a great mood and thats what I wanted to draw, cause lately, I've been feeling GREAT! :) Anyways Yeah, Have a nice day!


On Deviant Art, I'm Zannaderu.

On Facebook, I'm Zannaderu.

On Skype, I'm Zannaderu.

On Wolf Quest, I'm Zannaderu.

Get the picture? xD (Actually facebook, my nickname is Zannaderu, so if you look up Zannaderu, you should get me)


Comment 1,000 on Tear Eye's Chat.

Comment 2,500 on Tear Eye's Chat.


236 is my highest ranking. (you should of seen me I was like "woah" lol)



The cats I RP with or plan to, the template it as follows:

Name - Gender - Age - rank (Past or present) - Mate status - Clan Status - Personality - Bio

Goldenrose- Female - 15 Moons - Warrior - No Mate - Faded-Tri Clan - Sweet and kind, loves kits. She has a hard edge of not trust cats from her clan, sue to the fact she lived with very competitive wolves - As a kit, she was abandoned and found by a wolf pack. They took her in, they taught her to hunt like a wolf (Which she find very useful)and to be very loyal. She was content living with wolves, although after 14 Moons, she went to find a clan, being she lived with wolves, Kiya wasn't a good name for a warrior. She met with a loner and learned the warrior code. The loner helped her with a warrior name, Golden because of her pelt and Rose because the Rose was her favorite flower. She wishes greatly to have a mate and kits of her own.

•Aurorasong - Female - 21 Moons - Warrior - No Mate - No Clan - Nice, but not super accepting. She seems to trust very quickly, and it takes a lot to lose that trust - Aurorasong was a rogue from the start, she lived with her dad, her mother was a kittypet and her twolegs didn't want kittens, if it wasn't for her dad, she would have been sold. Her dad taught her that StarClan was a lie, Warrior Code was just a bunch of stupid rules to keep cats suppressed, and most of all, never trust a clan cat. At about 10 Moons she crossed the borders of a Clan, she meet an older apprentice tom, whom she learned all she knows from. About 2 moons after secretly meeting, He ran to her, telling her he had become a warrior. She told him to give her a name. He had already been calling her Aurorapaw, since she would be an apprentice if she lived in a clan, so he decided to call her Aurorasong. He asked her to be her mate and she agreed. After going home to her dad she accidentally spilled the beans and told her dad. He became enraged and went to the clan her mate lived in. He attacked and killed him in his camp, and his clan mates killed her dad. She left the den she was living in to wander the forests.

•Iceheart - Female - 13 Moons - Warrior - No Mate - No Clan - Easily angered, hates to be in big crowds, Not good at making friends - Iceheart didn't always have a bad temper, she used to be very good and love big crowds, but when she was granted her warrior name, Iceheart, everything seemed to go down hill. She fell quickly in love with a tom who didn't love her back. He wanted to be friends and she wanted to be mates. While hunt together she decided to ask him to be her mate. She asked him, but he rejected. It was like something snapped in her head. As swift as he had answered, she killed him. She ran off leaving her clan. She finds her name annoying but refuses to change it. She does NOT want a mate and hates kits. She sometime thinks about looking for a mate and quickly rejects the idea in her brain. She loves being a rogue and doesn't want anything to change.

Lilyspot - Female - 15 Moons - Warrior - Spirit (Bad-Wolf) - No Clan - Easygoing, makes fast friends, can be shy in unfamiliar areas - Lived in a clan but became bored with the "easy" life of a Clan cat, so she left to live as a rogue. Her life as a Clan cat was fairly boring, in fact, There were no other clans around hers, and rogues barely paid attention to them. She left and got the shock of her life. She ended up accidentally making a den in a current rogue den and was nearly killed, She lost the tip of her tail in the brawl and has a few faint scars.She would love to make a family and have kits with a mate, which she did, Spirit, whom she found and quickly fell in love with. She hopes she maybe be pregnant, but she is very nervous about it since her sister had multiple miscarriages and still-borns, and for all that Lilyspot knows, never had any kits, her mother also struggled with that, Lily and her sister where the only surviving cats out of the litter and the only cats her mother had.


These are the wolves I RP with or Plan to RP with (I have about 10 other wolves that I RPed with but either the person may have forgotten or it was so long ago, I don't know the story line. If you were one of the wolves mates and still wish to be, please comment on my most recent flip :)) Template is same as the Cat template except Clan is Pack :).