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I decided to update and rewrite due to boredom.

I'm an average artist who likes a good joke:)

Name: G*******

Age: growing

Height: tall

Clothes: very beachy. What can I say waters in my blood.

Fav food: squid, chicken, steak, any meat and veggie Realy.

Least fav: Cashews

Alter ego: Ken'ichi Kurosiki

Fav music: anything I can rock out to.

Hobbys: art( duh) playing guitar, karate, gaming, reading manga.

Motto: find the right side of the bed and wake ip on it every morning!

Extra: huge Ichirukia fan beach is the most B.A anime ever^_^

And I do requests if any of you want to ask.

I am now on Devaintart.

Name: Kenichi-kurosaki15