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I is a boy who is always bored. LOL Well, I thought of making a hatena account cuz I lovez to draw!!! Thankie to ally meh friends and fans who support me to keep going!!! Love yuh guys/gals!!! Well, here are meh O.C.s:

Zero The Robocat: Me in Sonic form

Bryson The Human: Me in Anime

Terror The Hawk: Meh best friend, Brendan in Sonic form

Purple and Blue The Cats: Twins

Gizmo The Alien: An alien

Razor The Hedgehog: Awesome dude

Cam The Bat: A Bat

Nikki The Human: Girl

Mike The Hedge/Fox: Razor's bro.

Noah The Chocolate Lab: Doggy!!!

That's all I can think of. I think that is all of dem. LOL Well, Byez!!!