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Hello. My name is Nelson. I'm 17. I have a low self-esteem. There is a lot that you can say about me. I can describe myself as a person with no common sense, or a lack of courage and mind. I am very east going, possibly too easy, I'm also a trainee in a butler, so I'm quite skilled at taking request in exchange for something or nothing at all.

Like: My friends, My two plushies(a Salamence and a Jolteon) dodging bullets, playing multiplayer games, My Dsi, Watching anime, Touhou, meeting new people, SSBB, Pokemon, Lovers, Haters, Minecraft, my low self-esteem, watching youtube, trying to draw, being silly, punish- i mean jokes, making faces =), laughing, and cookies and pies.

Dislike: Having to deal with a broken electronics, having no time, my 12/14 vision ( I wish I has glasses), being lonely, forced to read a non-interesting book, people who secretly hate me, being unappreciated.

My Goals: Achieve a best friend. (Complete)

Get one flipnote popular.

Get 10,000 stars. (Complete)

Get one green star. (Complete)

Get citizenship. (Complete)

Get a channel. (Complete)

Preform something unique.

Do something interesting.

Get a blue star.

Form a Team/Trio.

Ending here