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Heyo!! This is Zodiac talking to all who bother to read stuff like this! anyway, i'm really not that interesting rlly...i like to chat with peole on Roxie's chat room, i have multiple random friends, i'm easily distracted----BUNNIES!!!!!..........plus i have quite an assortment of VERY mean jokes to tell ppl that irritate me, lol.

My hatena sisters are;

June bug


Neopenguin (yush neo, you r officially my sis)

Roxie (8D)

Trixy (8P)



My hatena Brothers are;

Shadow (suprise, suprise)


My characters at the moment are:

Zodiac/me---- Cat/wolf/human mix---- (female)

Kitsune of Leo---- Zoroark demon---- (female)

Garridion---- lucario---- (male)

Tali Zorah---- Glaceon---- (female)

Thaissi---- Grovyle demon---- (male)

Kynareth---- Ninetales demon---- (female)

Tokage of Scorpio---- Blaziken---- (male)

Ruby of Libra---- Blaziken---- (female)

Bashi---- Rattata---- (male)

EDI---- Artificial intellegence of an Elgyem (female)

Crysannia--- Umbreon demon (female)

Samara of Gemini--- Gardevoir---- (female)

Evil characters:

Desolas--- Darkrai demon----(male)