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im ZomBeauty!!!(i love the name ZomBeauty)im 10 years old and ii love sonic and mario.these are the names of my sonic charas:

Starlight The Cat(who i use)

Jake The Hedehog(mymain charas bf)

LuLu The Cat(mean stepsis of main)

Gold The Hedehog(crush on LuLu)

Lily The Bunny(RICH!!!)

Cristal The Bunny(homeless)

Clare The Cat(Starlights fave sis)

Sunlight The Cat(sis of Starlight to)

Luke The Cat(crush on Scarlet)

Scarlet The Tiger(show off)

Jack The Hedehog(Jake's twin bro)

Sunshine The Wolf(crush on Jack)

Lucky The Wolf(sis to sunshine crush on jack is well)

Issabell The Angel Bunny(show off)

Soisha The Dog(no friends)

Spots The Dog(tom boy+show off)

Sarah The Lamb(crush on Luke+crush on tails)

and many more:)