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Let's see what I can say about myself. Umm...sometimes, I can be pretty precise. When I make something that looks epic or cool, I like to show it to a lot of people!

What I like:

What I don't like:

  • False reporters.
  • Have stress.
  • Global warming.

My goal here, in Hatena, is to create a rather unique and epic series in which many characters fight for good, or "light" if you want.

Oh, And I almost forgot! NONE of the soundtracks (music, sound effects) are made by me.

Just to make it clear I'm not stealing anything, and I won't.

And if you express yourself, your thoughts, using harsh language, I will block you.

Well, enjoy my flipnotes, and don't criticize too much, please. ^_^

P.S: The death egg saga's production will be slow, so don't hope to see an episode a week or even two. :(

In fact, I strongly recommend you to not wait (by that, I mean forget about the series until the next episode comes out). Otherwise you will be very impatient. It's just how slow I am.