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Ello! LeDerp here, aka Adam :P I'm back people as some of you may have noticed >.< I made a huge mistake of giving my account to a person that I can't/will never trust so o.o... I'm happily absolutely positively taken x) Love you, Michela <333 And I guess.. wanna talk to me? Go to my chat! I'm "15" years old :P Hobbies are skateboarding, surfing, football, basketball and hanging out with friends. Etc. SHOUTOUTS! Kevin, Alexa, Amanda, Andrea(BiebaFeva), KeshaGirl, Lizzy(WildGirl) Kass(Supa) and Armando(Pheonix) Mew, Jominime, Drew (Cheesy o:) :P Love you guys! And for the rest of you, I'll see you guys around!

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