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Hey,i'm James, im a guy on Hatena who's looking forward to making awesome flip notes on Hatena. I'll give some live questions answered by me!


Q:] James,how old are you?

James: Im 11 years old and i'll be turning 12 on July,13.

Q:] Whats you're opinion about Hatena?

James: I think Hatena is a really fun experience for youth children and I think it's really entertaining.

Q:]What are you're 3 favorite songs?

James: "DJ got us falling in love again" by Usher, "Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger" by Daft Punk, and "Beat It" by Michael Jackson.

Q:]Whats you're favorite TV program?

James:"Naruto Shippuden"because it's epic.

Q: Whats you're favorite video game?

James:"Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3"

Q:]Do you have any siblings on Hatena?

James: Yes in fact, Kenny, he's on my favorites list, i would add him if I were you because he's really good at drawing and animation you should check out his recent music flips, AND his series "The Loser KId" and continued on "The Winner Kids"