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Hello everyone i hav a 3DS now and u can add me at 1375-7699-4318



Hi my name is Atora! Some ppl know me as Xyretr but that's just my 6month+ fans.

Fan #:

currently 52 (i think)


I am a hatena member official on 10/31/11 WOOT! Granted 1# flipnote for holloween! and the following week



Boy or Girl? (You have a deep voice...)

I am a girl! Geez, is my voice that deep on micro?

Why do you change your hairstyles so many times?

Because, I usually cut my hair style it long or copy an anime charecter's

What Anime Charecter's hair have you worn, and what colors?

Ed Elric- Black with blue and greed streaks

Sasuke- Red

Death the Kid- Black and white(holloween! my 2 friends zachary and hlc were my weapons!)


Ash Ketcum... yeah all guys!

Oi and Tokine from kakaishi!

What is your current hairstyle in RL?

Well its bangs are like sasuke and then it turns into N from pokemon... i have green streaks.

How many years have you been on Hatena?

2 and going on ive quit 10 times from lack of popularity

When did you start drawing?

Since i was 5, and i still can't draw a stick figure

Who was your first loyal fan?

Z-A-C-K yep he was the awesomest, then he left Hatena

Who was your worst fan?

Probably, (so sorry) Kiendra9000 cause she was my neighbor and always false reported me....

Who are your favorite fans?

Roxas~DbzStar*~BomberMan~(OTHER JAPANESE NAMES)~ basically all so you i luv u guys sooooo mush!

What was you major accomplishment?

WOW! Um, when i made that 100th flipnote that made me a hatena member and crowned me 1# flipnote for 2 weeks.


Having you 50+ fans of coarse!

Are you tired this late @ night?

Nope playing minecraft....

Are you ready to go and get the Enderdragon?

YEAH! Like ive done in the past 50+ times

Where are you from?

Eh, America (born), Japan, Russia, Italy, Germany, and SYECHELLES!



To, Roxas:

Im not mad just confuzed im not sure what to do. Ok?