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i love the colors black, red, grey, white, dark brown, and purple... i am an OBSESSIVE ARTIST (to see my art please visit my website, thanks to those who visit... anyways, im not much of a talker around anyone but insane family and friends... im more of what you call a listener... my friends wud someti'es say "dude your not saying like anything" and id be all well i really have nothing to say" XP i sometimes like to be alone and i love the quiet except at parties, family gatherings, or when it comes to musicXP, A sick beat equals the windows rattling XD...

I AM NOT EMO OR GOTHIC! i have to admit though that i do like the excentricity of the style as you can see through my art on my website... just because a person loves dark colors and likes to draw extreme pictures does not make them emo or gothic...peope admire me at school for my talents... i have been playing the piano for 7 years time now and i am a quite fair master at the best of beethoven XP... i love to use anything i can find and make some sort of art with it its usually paper im afraid XD but whatever... :D im a very nice person, but i hate those who look down on me because of jelousy, or other nonscence :( dont get on my bad side >:( i love fantasy and some sorts of anime and manga, i tried to draw it for a little while butbi was never very good at it... buti never really let anything lower my selfesteme ^^ thank you for reading through my profile ^^

i have a tinierme, so for users my name on there is

Shipreck Dreams

i also have a deviantart,...

(my website where you caan see my artwork) please visit! ^ ^

thanks fer reading through my profile ^ ^