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Thx so much for forgive me solus :)

Hello I'm just a girl who loves wolves!!!

I am really looking 4-ward to Hatena! And I really want to hav alot of fwinds!!!

I fond my DSI

Fav creates

•minion wolf

•skiler. B.






And meany more

My wolfes:

Alou[mates whith racoon]~female

Myth [mates whith recon( this wolf is tk9's wolf)]

Megin[no longer alive but her spirit lives in the necklesses of her sis(alou) and her bro( myth)

Fang[ myth's pup] ~female

K.v.[ myths pup]~ female

Hart[myths pup]~male

There r 2more but they r not mine they r tk9's

U don't need to know this but I hav not had the time to post this

There story's:


On megin's birthday her alou and myth where taken by humans and soled to a persin in a lab where he tested on then. Alou and myth had the most inhuman tests well meginwas to small to test on so the person just tormented her.

U will find out the rest when I post my flip for it

Thx for looking at my page!!!