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For starters I need me stars and I gave all my color stars to someone else to be nice and im really nice and like rock songs I tried to come up with a song no one used and so far I think only the song "Alpha Dog" wasn't taken but when I fist got ideas the first person I first started to like TOOK my new song name of song "One of us" But then I saw MORE songs like that you know as they say "Monkey see Monkey do" or in this case "Monkey hear Monkey Take the song" XD its all good im glad for all the songs people put on Hatena I also really like the people who posted songs that "Skillet" wrote like uh...."Monster" and "Comatose" are my FAVORITE ones :p and if you like my fisrt flipnote wait till you see the REST OF THEM im never gonna stop posting them..............until im "old enough" To move out of the house get a husband and give my DSI XL to my kids to keep the Flipnotes GOIN :)and keep my kids out of my hair XD plz add stars for now b.t.w Im NOT a "Star begger" or "Flip taker" a.k.a "False Reporter" see you later veiwers on Hatena!!!!!!!!