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Name:Metua.but my name is Tepou because she's my little sister so i named it after her.OKAY iam a cookisland maori,little tiny bit of england in my blood.PLUS i have New zealand in my blood but full blood of N.Z , bahbahbaha ... i have facebook if ya wanna knoe... i don't have twitter because i dislike it jokes i just can't get one :( ....i love sprawn breezie look him up.... i like one direction .... my favourite song everything about you!!...... i do dancing iam actually really good i love singing, i do netballand touch footy ..... i have only 11 favourite atm because iam new too here ! soo iam single and 11 turning 12 iam not ready for dating now ok !!! soo i think iam done ok!! BYEE ~tepou™