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Hello. I'm changing this... again!

Name: Courtney.

Age: 12.

Country: Australia! (On the other side of the world. XD To some of you guys, anyway, lol.)

Hobbies: Art, sport, dancing, singing and playing the DSi (Like now. XD I'm on DSi Browser).

Likes: Mint, caramel, white chocolate, raspberries, pasta, gelatos, gaming consoles and games, sonic characters, good friends, music, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Queensryche ,lying in bed, Skrillex, sleepovers, drawing, colouring and taking on some of the hardest charas to draw (like Luigi. XD).

Dislikes: Snakes (Since I stepped on a Diamond Python, not poisonous but it was scary D:. Lucky it was too lazy to attack me ouo), untruthful friends, being bored, maths (Sometimes), writing, pumpkin, seafood (Except fish), being tricked into something, losing my citizenship on here, being reported.

Friends: Cyber, Ange (Sonicmask), Black, Saphira, Gloomy, Metal, Captain-Sam (3DS, not DSi or DSiXL), Eevee~cat, Gracepup, Alpha-Rise, Danie, Nicole (Maybe? I dunno anymore) + Ella (at school and here @-@), Chaos (Soul), Caitlin (at school), Nika (school), Kenya? (school), and more! ouo

Enemies: Uh... none?

Fave creators: Way too many.

Worst creators: Dunno...

Listening to: Never Let Me Go- Florence and the Machine at the moment.

I live on the east coast of Australia, New South Wales. Always have, always will. I was born in the Australian Capital Territory, though. I lived in the ACT 'til the middle of year 1 until I moved into NSW. Yes... not very interesting, is it? Anyway, I'm in the middle of year 6 and I got a ''Big Bash'' on this coming term (It's Term 3 here, I dunno about you guys). I also go to Canberra in Term 4, and an ''End of Year Picnic Day'' on the last day of school for this year. K, gtg bai!