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hi!my name is pamela (but you can call me nicki i explain it later)

i live in buenos aires,argentina.

I have 10 years.

my B-day is in august,7.

my zodiac sign is Leo.

I know I've changed it many times.but it was because I was not sure what I said!

about me:

at my school in the classes I'm always drawing and I do not understand one bit what the teacher says! of mathematics as if nothing but rest. I have bad grades in all subjects either language, social science ... with exception of mathematics there if I have an A + yay!

I know who is Sonic from the game "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" from there I fell in love with the (literally) I have many things of him in my room. I have ... stuffed animals, shirts, sonic movies and videos. but that's not the case. whatever.

I have done and you have seen that I have videos of sonic and amy. That's why I like it more sonamy than sonally. Feck sally!XD

I'm drawing classes and I'm in craft classes (I do loops)

let me tell you something.i make the serie "sonamy danger"on Saturday and cancel the other "katie universe" was a crap that series did not work.

I have a brain of 36 years. quite understand why things adults and Creane many things. as a bad thought, racism, I will not say the other because they are very offensive...

otherwise my sonic characters are:

  • nicki the bat(me)
  • jesus the hedgehog
  • kesha the bat
  • jumi the cibor (the girlfriend of uncknow)
  • samantha the hedgehog
  • valeria de cat

they are all my O.C´s

my main O.C´s are:

  • amy rose
  • silver the hedgehog


  • scourge the hedgehog (evil sonic)

they are all my main O.C´s

my personality is noble and rustic.

I am very sympathetic. I have friends in Argentina, Colombia, United States, Venezuela, margarita (the island that is next to Venezuela) and Caracas.

sometimes I'm very evil! one day I will stick to one of my friends (who is not) with a jump rope (it was plastic I let a lot of brand) end o3o.

if you have not been to the Hard Rock hotel in Dominican Republic, Punta Cana. I would recommend them. this hotel is a fantasy!

hi,again.this is for my up date:

nicki(my O.C)mv

song:Y.U mad

by:nicki minaj(she in sonic is my O.C)

next i´m gonna work on a MV of my O.C (of course) of the song:

where dem girls

by:david guetta feat.nicki minaj & Flo Rida.

but in the part of rap of nicki minaj

next i´m going to work on my serie (you know the name)on saturday (i´ve i put 2 up dates they are thursday and friday)

i didn´´t know when i do the gift 2 mari.i need tho ask her...

thats all hope you lik the Y.U mad and others MV´s in future


hopefully you understand as I like the music.

but the singer strikes me most is nothing more and nothing less is the same nicki minaj!

I love the rap!

I like things fast if it takes a long time.

well ... this is bad ... my cousins ​​come to visit from Friday through to Sunday.

so...change of plans has to be the comic until my cousins ​​they depart ...sorry.

should know that I would regret my cousin's brother is a demon!

do not know what does. only if this does nothing. but if it goes the other is like ...

like a cat fight!

Wish me luck with the Tasmanian devil!

nicki out bye!