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Subject's the name. Subject4A. Real name? Andrea. Believe it or not, I like to be called snake.VICTORY IS MINE!

Andrea. Born March 2nd, 2001, year of the snake. Likes: Nature,creepy things,bugs,and Link. Dislikes: things that make smoke, mentally ill people (VERY mentally ill. Not all mentals.) hobbies: Sleeping, playing video games,(I'm a gamer. XD) reading, playing with toy cars for boys, watching Nigahiga,(Youtube) and throwing large objects at walls.


Favorite music: Sexy back, Matryoshka, You and me, You found me, Holiday, American !d!ot, Boulevard of broken dreams, Servant of evil/ Daughter of evil, and many more.

Favorite foods: Pocky, Sushi, and Fit's.(Fit's is a Japanese Gum. It's really tasty. Lotte Fit's!!!)

Favorite video games: Mortal kombat, Super smash bros., The Legend of Zelda, Harvest moon, Rythm Heaven, Puyo pop/ Puyo puyo, Super Mario, Professor Layton, Animal crossing, Warioware, Cooking/Crafting/camping/gardening/etc Mama, Resident Evil, Call Of Duty, and WAAAAAAAAAAY too many more!

Fav Yotube creators: NigaHiga and Smosh.

Fav Youtbe Video(s): Dear Ryan- Epic meal time, Pokemon in real life, off the pill-christmas spirit, Smosh reacts to kids react to smosh, Things that ruin thanksgiving, If holidays were real, Las adventuras del trapo, anything with vocaloid, and anything else by Nigahiga.

Hmmm....that's it.

My goal here is to become the best flip-maker in the world.... or at least in te USA. A shout out to people who are in my favorites!

-Snake. Subject. Whatever

Ps: Other accounts:

Moshi monsters: andreatoscanorenteri


Quizazz: Subject4a

(I'll keep adding to this list. Make sure you tell me if you have any of these accounts!.....There's only 3, no? XD)