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About meh?!? Seriously?!? Well uh... im probably one of Miku Hatsunes biggest fans... i love hello kitty...and uh...i love love love vocaloid! (i know i love too many things) =.= *sigh* Anyways more about me! Cats are my favorite animals. (Thus andycocoalover hatena id!) I like drawing anime...i like to reading manga such as Pita ten,Fruits basket,and much more.:3 Im originally from Florida but me and my family moved to pennsylvainia. Yes i do get home sick.:( I hope i can go back home and visit sometime soon. Espeicially because my bestest friend in the entire world lives down there.:'( *sighs* Well at school im very hiper! Im 13 and when i go out for recess i act like a 8 year old! XP I currently like this boy in my class. but i dont wanna get into that. (Parents!!)O.O' Anyways thats all about me! I hope you wanna be my flipnote friend! if not thats ok too! Gotta go! BYE!!!!! XD