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Hello, who ever is reading this. My name is Jay, ( nickname, anyway), Or as you people know me as, RougeNinja. I do chat alot on here, so don't be afraid to say hello if you catch me in a chatroom. My purpose on hatena is this: One; to improve. Two; to entertain. Three; to have fun. Although, In my opinion my work sucks, but that doesn't mean i'm quitting. Anyway anyway anyway.... Some Friend's of mine on here are:










Xbane(ugh i haven't seen you in forever you prolly forgot about me)

SoraSan ( yesh u my buddie)

And... lot's more. Sorry if i forgot you. (btw these are in no order.) ;D

These people are awesome and youu should fave each one of them. They truelly make me stay on hatena, I mean what's the point without them? so, about me: I love purple, Cats, Pocky, Tacos, Night time, my friends, nice people, anime, manga, sebby, and grell, plus many more things. I dislike Fr's, Haters, Rude people, Creepers, fights, loud noises, and annoying things. Also people who ALL CAPS YOU TO DEATH ON HERE FOR NO APPARENT REASON WHEN THEY GET MAD AT YOU. Lol okay I really have nothing else to say, so i give you my farewell. Adious Amigo.

~RougeNinja, The NinjaKitteh.

P.s: Piggehs.