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warriors cat nintindo crazy freak i love hatena

the clan i own and the cats in them-

AUTUMECLAN,demonclan,iceclan,and new clan cancerclan

leader-dinstar-mate sneekclaw kits seaconch and autmnwispers

deputy-:sneekclaw-mate dinstar no kits

need med cat

warriors-seaconch-mother dinstar

slithercrown-no parents mate autumnwispers

queens-autumwipers-mate slithercrown 3 she-kits

(starynightkit-black dappled white she-cat,gypsykit brown she-kit,and mizukit-blue she-kit)

demonclan-tangelstar,angelwing,dep-angelwing,devilheart,ghostchime,brightdust,need med-cat,spottedclaw,snowpaw,jingelpaw talonfoot fluffytail

iceclan-frozenstar,need dep,need medcat,icetail,snacktail,rosekit,snakekit,moontail

my other cat-angelfeather,droughtbreath,and troutsplash of seaclan

slashpaw of glacierclan

shock and dock of midnightclan