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heyy-lo everyone! i made my monthly visit to the computer just to write this. sooooooo. yeah i quit hatena. srry to say. but i might come back. not for a while tho. hatena is gunna go boring without meh. lol but i will still b writing comments, just not posting. oh, and this one dude named max or something, yeah his real name is luis. stay away from him. take my advice.i think thats all i wanted to say for this paragraph. and remember,IF U EDIT GIVE CREDIT, AND HAVE FUN!!! ~Angela!

bout me. imma hard core scourge fan!!!

friends- vaatishad, kim(shes awesome! & my hatena idol), gameking0, werewolf, vumbree, syncstar, person aka fuzzy101, sage, ~susannah!, shyanne, shadow's<3, jabber, and ooo so many more!

eyes- brown

hair- lil bit dirty brown with some black. ( blond brown black)

mood- hungry right now

fav song- steel my sunshine-len

i have 3 ds's, 2 ps2's, 2 ps3's, 1 wii, and a ipod touch

erm... nothing else comes to mind right now sooooooo. i gotz one!

fav sonic character- scourge

and i think thats all...

have a nice day! scourgy and i say bye! ( *awesome face* )

note to self- if needed to block again, its tripondos and triponfat