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About Me.. Now Im Not Going to Give A lot of Info Out But Just Some For You To Know About Me.. Im 14. I Blow Out the Candles December 18.(: I Love Basketball. Im On The Team At School(: I Love Making New Friends(: I Love Boys Haha.. I Am A Flirttt(: Im Single. I Am Skinny And Have Abs(: Not Extreme Though Haha Thats Just Unattractive, Lol.. I Wear Skinny Jeans Vans And Dc's Alot And Flat Billed Hats Sometimes. I Like Guys With That Hair That Swoops to the side And He Can Flip it. Kinda Like Hurricanes Hair(Corbin) I Also Used to be A Cheerleader.:)

Anything Else Just Askkk.:)