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Hi, I´m [AR].

I'm a dude and I'm left handed.

I´m german and I speek GERMAN, ENGLISH and FRENCH.

I have a dog. She´s a husky and has blue eyes. She is more a wolf than a dog, but she follows my orders because I train a lot with her. Yeaaaaah, I love my dog!

My idol is Miyamoto, because he is so creative and awesome.

I won the Zelda Flipnote Contest and Miyamoto saw it (YEAH!!!)

  • My Hatena-idols are: LIX (animating), Yui (drawings), ReshiGirl! (character), Katz and Lozz (style), Tezzy and Sierra (friendship)

So, that´s all about me.

Thank you for reading.

I´m out for a walk.