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UPDATED 7-16-2012

About myself:

I'm like 6 foot 2ish

dark brown hair

grean/ brown/ hazel eyes

pretty d@mn white, but im workin on mah tan >FTo

i like to were skinny jeans .U.

imma skatter/ rocker

i like to play guitar, and create my own l@me rap songs XD

i think any time is a good time to wear beanies :)

AriZona black tea with lemon is amazing!!!

Bands I enjoy to have in my ears:

Fall Out Boy



The Kooks

Avenged Sevenfold

My Chemical Romance


The Killers

Foo Fighters

Black Eyed Peas


Flo Rida

Weezer <3

Blink-182 <3

(baisiclly i like all kinds of music XD)

Cool People You Should Know:

Priscilla: cool, beautiful, and amazing in bed. It dont get better than that lol jk

May: (My sis) another cool girl who has a MUSTACHE NECKLACE! I'm so jealous

Kayla: She is a sweat girl who is also able to beat the living shyt out of you at the same time

Harley: a weird random girl who isnt afraid to be herself and to have fun, plus be careful what you say, cuz she got really good come-backs

Pope: Random person that like NOBODY knows about idk what gender 'pope' is but it randomly comes in with Sy's (Priscilla's) chats, and will say some strange fact o3o

Garen: Cool guy who can draw your name in a AWESOME way! it's too cool to describe

Yahir: i dont really know him, but he didnt like it when i took my shirt off...

i cant think of anyone else, but if you wanna be in the cool list up there just let me know ;)

kay, peace out,