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I love sonadow!! owo

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I love sonadow!! owo

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Hi!,I am Aisyah.

I am a Malaysian 11 year old girl that is a sonic fan.I really like sonic being the UKE when it comes to sonadow(sorry,I am so sick minded...;-;),and my favorite character is Miles 'tails' Prower.

my birth day is on the September 18th and I am hoping to get a Wacom bamboo pen tablet to draw really good and it will change my life..maybe not forever.

I have a really NICE life and I do as much as my parents say.I babysit my siblings and I have more rivals than friends.I am quiet a loner but it's life..right?.

I do not fear death but I fear what scares me.I love English and I just love to draw like my fan artists.I will be sooooo happy when I get a tablet!!! and I will be soooooo sad if no oe will remember my birthday or something.

I am on deviantart but I I will wait until I have a tablet.I need a fresh start ;A;.

I am very mature sometimes and I am the most well behaved in class...but the least attention...TTATT

I would love to be your friend but don't lie or else....