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Dont forget the violence...

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Mistress Mayhemm

Dont forget the violence...

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I am one of those abnormal ducks you only see once in a lifetime. I absolutely adore the Strange, Twisted, Disturbed, Obscene, Grotesque, Shocking and Bizarre, But what interests me the most is pin-up and burlesque. i use a DSI as my camera and my brother and i play Xbox LIVE way more than we should in a day.i embrace the fact that I'm a complete and utter nerd. My love for video games, comics, and anime knows no bounds.

I respect those who truly deserve it. I can be extremely nice as long as you return the favor. However I'll be your worst nightmare if you bring it upon yourself.. nah just kidding, I'll just stab you in the face with a soldering iron ;P

CAUTION: I suffer from chronic silliness at almost any given opportunity. I always end up amongst the crazies.. kinda like a chaos magnet..

I tend to have a random, grotesque, or morbid sense of humor..which leaves my friends in constant ponderment of my sanity.

I can't stand people who pre-judge others when you don't know the slightest thing about their lives. I also have this zero tolerance policy for arrogant closed minded individuals that think it's ok to do so.

Ask and I'll answer. I don't mind answering questions as long as they're not exceedingly stupid.. ~Asia

Full name

Asia cuttthroat






may 21

Blood type



im a model for playboy


school of scene

Place of residence

los angeles

Place of birth

santa ana


being lazy, modeling

Special skills

modeling,making people smile, singing, cutting scene hair, drag queen makeup, being weird, being Asia!




Fakes, arrogant individuals, unruly children, veggies, you, labels, hypocrites,rap, those who call them selves ugly for attention, orange,meat, jealousy, ignorance. And most of all, i especially hate when people call me cute, adorable, or stupid talk like "damn u sexy"..


Friends, music, i love when people tell me im beautiful(Major like), roses, I absolutely adore the Strange, Twisted, Disturbed, Obscene, Grotesque, Shocking and Bizarre.. pin up, midnight blue, lobster, poetic words, my wife, spiders, intelligence, scene boys, heavy metal, bunnies, horror films, my brother, exotic beauty, art, deviancy, tattoos, piercings, my teddy bear,Asians, manga, xbox, sweets, playboy, old 1960's romance movies, boys that protect thier girls, Anime, and most of all! u!

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